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Retail Pricing

At DFW Hydrographics we customize your items, and the options are endless.

The pricing listed on our website is a baseline for your project. There are additional charges for:

  • Metallic /Neon Paints

  • Certain Designer Films

  • High Gloss Top Coating

  • Jobs Requiring Custom Labor 

  • Adding Stickers, Decals or Logos

 We have wholesale and retail clients around the nation, and prices can var​y because projects are as unique as fingerprints.


  We offer 800+ hydrographic films to our customers. Check out our selection.

Typically, we "dip" customer-supplied items. However, we have access to suppliers too. Call us and let us get to work for you.

Hydrographic films come in a variety of styles.

The coloring of your item is also customizable, based on the base paint color you choose.

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