Retail Pricing

At DFW Hydrographics we customize your items, and the options are endless.

The pricing listed on our website is a baseline for your project. There are additional charges for:

  • Metallic /Neon Paints

  • Certain Designer Films

  • High Gloss Top Coating

  • Jobs Requiring Custom Labor 

  • Adding Stickers, Decals or Logos

 We have wholesale and retail clients around the nation, and prices can var​y because projects are as unique as fingerprints.


  We offer 800+ hydrographic films to our customers. Check out our selection.

Typically, we "dip" customer-supplied items. However, we have access to suppliers too. Call us and let us get to work for you.

Hydrographic films come in a variety of styles.

The coloring of your item is also customizable, based on the base paint color you choose.


DFW Hydrographics is independently owned and operated.

We offer free estimates on all potential orders. Please call 469-346-6340 for more information.

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