DFW Hydrographics Pricing
Personal Items & Gifts

Every project is customized specifically to meet the client's needs.

The prices reflected here offer a baseline for your project.

*prices are for basic paints and base labor only 

** call for a free consultation with one of experts**

Tumber 16 oz.


Tumber 20/30 oz.


Tumbler 40+ oz.


Bottle 18 oz.


Bottle 36 oz.


Bottle 64 oz.


Stemware (each)


Silverware (i.e. cake cutter) (each)


Small Dishes


Large Dishes


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Drinkware &
Cabinets & Doors: call
Cosmetic Equipment



Electric Razors




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Flooring: call
Picture Frames: $30+


DFW Hydrographics is independently owned and operated.

We offer free estimates on all potential orders. Please call 469-346-6340 for more information.

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